Thanks to everyone who has come to see any of our gigs this year, we’ve had a great time at everyone of our shows. Its been a pretty eventful year, losing Jim and gaining Kitty, but we’re firing on all cylinders now and i can’t wait for the New Year to begin so we can just get on with playing live some more. Also thanks to our international fans who haven’t had a chance to see us live. We’re working on it!

On a personal note i want to say how sad i am feeling at the news that Dimebag from Pantera was shot dead last week onstage along with 3 more innocent people. All of Plastic Toys are huge Pantera fans and i speak for us all when i say that his passion for music was an ispiration and the world will be a less colourful place without him.

R.I.P Darrell Abbott.



Turns out we were a bit premature saying the forum was up and running properly, but it should be done soon.
Good news however is that we have a load of great new songs we’re finishing off right now, its just up to me to get the singing done before getting totally fucked by the flu that everyone else has!
Another good bit of news is our T-shirt people owe us a favour and have done a batch of t-shirts half price for us, so come down to the gigs and get yourself and sexy, stylish fashion item at a fraction of the original price… of course you can e-mail us if you feel the need to get your hands on one before the shows.


Thanks for all the e-mails you’ve sent us about the Feel The Love vid, we’re glad you like it, lets just make sure as many people see it as possible. Today is Kitty’s birthday, congratulations to her from all of us, go out and spread the word about Plastic Toys as a birthday present for her…then maybe she’ll tell us how old she is!

We’ve got some new songs starting to form in the studio which may just see the light of day soon on the site, if not you can always grab a CD at our next gig. See you there….



Keep your eyes on the site over the next few days as the promo video for Let Me Feel The Love is going to be up as well as some behind the scenes photos which i know you’re going to like.

Making the video was one of the best experiences in this band so far, loads of semi naked dancing girls with us in a sweaty little soho club is always a pleasure…


Its been a hectic couple of months looking for a new bassist, and there’s been loads going on which will all become clear soon. The rehearsals with Kitty have been amazing and we can’t wait to show her off to all of you!



Great gig on the 17th March! We garaunteed our best show and i think we delivered. Thanks to everyone that came down for making it a great night.

Bad news however is that Jim have fucked his wrist up! Pounding ‘metal’ too hard i guess. We’re holding auditions on 10th for a replacement/stand-in, should be some real characters if our experience with auditioning guitarists is anything to go by. I feel terrible for him because we’ve worked so damn hard up until now to get where we are and the good stuff looks like its just round the corner Its going to be weird on the 17th and 20th playing without him going fucking crazy onstage next to me. Strangley i managed to injure my wrist last week too but thatnk god it seems to be healing ok, hope Jim’s gets ok as quickly.

For those interested we’re getting another coach from Soton to the gig if anyone is interested. We promise it won’t be the same monkey cunt as last time driving the fucking thing. 3 hours to London! Twat. Seriously though, the sooner we get seats filled and money for it the easier it’ll be to organise, so don’t delay!

I can’t wait for the gig on the 17th, if there’s room onstage we’ll get a few girls to have ‘dance off’ for a free T-shirt or something, guys can do it too if they are that way inclined! If i’m the best dancer i get to keep it!

Anyway until next time take it easy and we’ll see you on the 17th or 20th.



First off we have to say thanks again to Dave and Nick once again for organsing the Stoke gig on 17th April, its going to be a good night and we hope to make some new fans there too.

Anyway, in the meantime we have been busy. First there was the Brighton gig, a very strange night. It was the day it snowed all over the UK and we were almost trapped there for the night, it was so cold in the venue we could see our breath on stage. The night was made worth while however by meeting the Sundealers from Germany who played a great set. If you get a chance go and see them, they’re like early Static-x but with melody and very cool live visuals.

We’ve also been writing and rehearsing a new live set at a place near Kingston, its a cool studio on an island in the middle of the Thames. We have filmed the rehearsals and the gig for a promo DVD some way off in the future, but we are going to post clips on the website too so you can get a sneak preview.

The gig on the 17th March at the Highbury Garage is gonna be good, we have a new song no-one has heard yet with a working title of Superfreak (!), shit, where’d i come up with that idea? Its about a love/hate relationship with strippers; obviously. We’re getting a coach to take people up from Southampton, so if you’re interested in going e-mail us ASAP, we garauntee the best show we’ve done yet.
See you soon


Hi, i hope you’re all well and the New Year has been goo to you so far.
I want to start off by saying thanks to all the people who have come to support us at our local gigs and keep e-mailing the band for CD’s! Special mention also has to go to Emma, our angel from Croydon, Dave Gibbons and Nick McMullen who have supported us even in our darkest hours, and all the bands we have gigged with as Plastic Toys, SF66 and KJ. Obviously it goes without saying that all the friends and family involved in keeping us going get our love and thanks xxx.

This New Year so far is looking really good for the band, i think our songs are sounding better than ever and we’re having a fucking ball playing live. There’s a new buzz of excitment around what we’re doing that is firing us up, and we can’t wait to get out there and tour. There’s other exciting things happening which i can’t talk too much here about, but hopefully it’ll all make sense soon. Thats the gigs and the music covered, there’s nothing too sordid to report right now, but we haven’t been on tour yet!

Remember if you want to contact the band just e-mail us using our contact page or post a message on the forum.